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JoEllen Claypool

Idaho Creative Authors Network

JoEllen was a homeschooling mom for 13 years and is now a speaker, book coach, and editor as well as a pastor’s wife. She is one of the original founders of the Idaho Creative Authors Network (ICAN) which was formed to support new and seasoned authors alike through yearly writing conferences, group book signings and writing retreats. JoEllen has written nonfiction but is now loving her opportunity to delve into the world of fiction for children and adults. She enjoys encouraging others who have a passion to write, spurring them on to follow their writing dreams and enjoy each step of the journey.


JoEllen’s Workshop


11:00 AM, Saturday 6/8


Thomas Science

Story Prompts to Kickstart Your Fiction

Writing can be one of those daunting tasks during your school day, but that can easily change. Speaker, JoEllen Claypool, will present some fun, interactive activities that will show how easy it is to get started with story ideas. The techniques introduced in this workshop can be used for any age and can be done individually, with the whole family, or as a group activity in your co-op. Many different adventures can be created from the same items used. Children will develop a love for writing and parents will be encouraged to see the excitement it brings when their children realize that they have something to offer through their words.