Children’s Program

The 2024 Homeschool Idaho Children’s Program will include a series of adventurous experiences with hands-on learning.

There are two separate children’s programs: Novice Newtons is for children aged 5-8, and Emerging Einsteins  is for children aged 9-11. Occasionally the two programs will converge for large group activities, but most of the time they will be completely separate, engaged in their own age-appropriate activities.

Pre-registration is required, and space is limited. All children must have a parent attending the convention. Children will be joining their parents for lunch each day.


Registration is now closed. See you soon!

Ages 5 – 8

Novice Newtons

We’re filling Friday and Saturday with loads of fun! Grouping the younger ages together allows our team to offer age-appropriate activities designed to maximize engagement.

Dr. Picklestein’s Science Show

Lego Creations with The Lego Lady

Musical Encounter with Kathy McFadden & Friends

Circle Games & Field Day Activities

Bible Stories & Themed Crafts

Upcycled Project with REuseum

Idaho Go Team Therapy Games

Ages 9 – 11

Emerging Einsteins

Moving at a faster pace than Novice Newtons, our new Emerging Einsteins program is built with tweens in mind! Children ages 9-11 will enjoy the broad range of presentations and hands-on activities.

Dr. Picklestein’s Science Show

Idaho Power Presentation: Project Fins

Outdoor Field Day Games

Lego Creations with The Lego Lady

Idaho Historical Society Lewis and Clark Learning Trunk

Upcycled Project with REuseum

Aquarium of Boise

Craft Workshop