Thursday, June 1, 2023
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Homeschool Idaho

Curriculum Resale Event

The Homeschool Idaho Curriculum Resale Event is now an open-air shopping experience! This cash-only sale allows you to shop directly from homeschool families.


June 1, 2023
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Treasure Valley Baptist Church
1300 S Teare Ave
Meridian, ID 83642

Open-air Shopping, Exploring Curriculum, Meeting new Friends, and Saving Money.

A homeschool mom’s perfect day!

The Homeschool Idaho Curriculum Resale Event is now an open-air shopping event!

We agreed with convention evaluations that the 2022 Curriculum Resale Event was too cramped. This year, we’re taking the sale outside!

This is a cash-only sale, with buyers shopping directly from homeschool families.

Want to sell your the homeschool materials that you no longer need? Participating as a seller gives you access to a 1-hour presale, making it easy for you to shop, trade, barter, and bundle!

We make it easy to participate as a seller with online reservations for space.


Information for Sellers

We are trying something new this year! We agreed with last year’s convention evaluations that the Curriculum Resale Event was too cramped. So we’re taking the sale outside! To make loading/unloading easier, sellers will park in a designated spaces and sell their items from behind and beside their vehicle. We hope that this open-air market will be more enjoyable for buyers and sellers alike.

As a seller, you will be reserving parking spaces. Your materials will be sold behind your vehicle, reducing your loading/unloading burden. Your first parking space, which is where you will park your car, will provide you with 4 feet of space for sales. Should you require an additional parking space due to the quantity of merchandise you are selling, you may add parking spaces (first one for your car, additional are empty spaces beside your car). Each parking space may be reserved for $10.00. 

Homeschool Idaho will NOT be including tables with spaces. You are free to bring your own tables and chairs from home. Should you require tables, you may reserve 8’ x 2’ tables for $12.00 per table. We are allowing 4’ of sales space behind each car, which will accommodate only one table. 

For safety, no tables can be placed between cars. Additional tables must be set up in an additional empty parking space. If you plan to utilize multiple tables, please reserve multiple spaces. 

Merchandise Suggestions

  • Curriculum
  • Literature
  • Musical Instruments
  • Science Equipment
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Games & Puzzles
  • Art Supplies
  • Software

To participate as a seller in the 2023 Homeschool Idaho Curriculum Resale Event, you must first be logged into your Homeschool Idaho account.