Parent Tributes

As each graduate receives their diploma, a pre-recorded parent tribute plays, making the ceremony deeply personal and memorable.

Tribute Specifics

Each tribute will be 80 words or less, and shall require less than 30 seconds to be read aloud. The tribute should express love and encouragement for each graduate. Tributes must be submitted online no later than February 15.

After written parent tributes are submitted, Homeschool Idaho will arrange for two separate recording sessions.  You will receive an email with a link to schedule a date and time for recording your tribute. If, for some reason, parents are unable to attend either of our recording dates, we will have our graduation Master of Ceremonies pre-record your child’s tribute for you, or arrange for you to send in a digital file.


Kelsey, you are our precious gift from God, our Sweetpea! Who knew that gift, so tiny that she left the hospital wearing doll clothes, would grow into the bold, bright, adventure-seeking young lady that we have before us today. We love your zest for life, your passion for truth, your delight in music, and your enthusiasm for science. Keep trusting the Lord with your whole heart. Godspeed, Sweatpea!

Kevin, we are so incredibly proud of the man you are becoming. Your infectious laugh and quick sense of humor brings joy  to all you meet. God is doing a mighty work in you, Kevin. May you always stand strong in Him and continue to pursue His plans for you. You’ve been diligent to get to this day, and we celebrate your great accomplishment! We love you and we’re cheering for you!

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