By Johanna Ireland

Homeschooling, contrary to the tired stereotype, is usually even more “social” than traditional schooling methods! Most homeschooled kids have social skills unmarred by the age-segregated, peer-driven microcosm of public education. They are as comfortable playing hopscotch with their best friend’s little sisters as they are debating political agendas or expounding on the merits of Tolkien vs. Lewis. Whatever ages of homeschooled kids you have, whatever their interests, and whatever homeschool style you embrace, you are sure to find a circle of friends in Idaho’s homeschool community!

Here are 5 fun ways to make homeschool friends in Idaho!

1. Take a Class!

Find classes based on your child’s interests. Whether it’s painting or pottery, writing or welding, there is sure to be class that will pique your child’s passion! They will get a chance to meet students with similar interests, and chances are there will be homeschooled students among them. Kids will make fast friends with someone who shares their interests! Many of Idaho’s cities and towns publish activity guides listing classes, sport opportunities, camps, and more (such as this one for Meridian:

2. Field Trip!

Some communities have homeschool field trip groups, or you could easily get a couple of families together to form your own group! Take turns organizing tours of factories, businesses, emergency services, state and local government buildings, and of course historical and scientific landmarks! Kids will enjoy making memories together, and might learn a thing or two along the way! Find field trip ideas by searching for local industries, historical societies, colleges, and more. Idaho has fascinating field trip destinations all over the state, from the Amazon distribution center in Nampa, to Idaho’s historic Capitol Building in Boise, all the way to Coeur d’Alene’s Old Mission State Park. Visit for a printable download of field trip ideas in Idaho (and other states, too, in case you’re up for a road trip!).

3. Get Social!

Both in-person and online social connections will help you find your homeschool BFFs!

Moms’ groups like are great places to meet mom friends – and find friends for your kids. Their website has guidelines for starting a Mom Heart group if you don’t find one in your area.

Church is a crucial part of many families’ lives, for faith as well as friendship. If there are no homeschool families in your church, prayerfully consider seeking out a new home for worship. It will be a blessing to you and your kids to share your faith and your homeschool experience with families holding similar worldviews.

It might sound obvious…but be friendly! Smile at everyone, start random conversations at the grocery store or the library. Visiting parks or children’s activities during public school hours increases the chance of meeting another homeschool family. When you take the risk to make eye contact with that fellow parent, you might be throwing them a lifeline for friendship they are needing as well! Most kids are natural conversation starters, so give them safe opportunities to make connections. Their park buddy could become a lifelong friend!

Don’t be shy about joining state and local Facebook groups for homeschool families! Homeschool Idaho Discussion Group is an active statewide discussion group with vast array of homeschool member families! Come with your questions, share your tips, and celebrate the homeschool lifestyle together! Mention your location in the group, and you’ll be sure to get responses directing you to local groups and activities. Many local, in-person groups have a social media presence, making them easy to locate and allowing members to stay connected in between get-togethers.

4. Volunteer Together!

Serving the community together can make meaningful, long-lasting relationships. Local volunteer opportunities can be found at retirement homes, libraries, farmers markets, community groups that do summer painting and fall clean up for senior citizens, pet shelters, polling locations, and more! If you attend a local church, they will value volunteers of all ages, in all areas of ministry, from picking up pencils to landscape clean up.

5. Attend the annual Homeschool Idaho Convention or the North Idaho Conference!

The annual Homeschool Idaho Convention is held the first full weekend of June. Homeschool families gather for two full days of featured speakers, workshops, kids and teen programs, and a wide variety of exhibitors! Conveniently located off the freeway in Meridian, Idaho, this is the perfect setting to meet new homeschool families, reunite with distant contacts, and gather with local friends! Curriculum Meet-and-Greets let you explore different curriculum styles up close, and rub shoulders with others who may want to try a similar route for the upcoming year. The Curriculum Resale Event, held the Thursday before Convention, gives you the chance to meet and learn from experienced homeschool parents while exploring the vast array of homeschool items for sale.

Online discounted admission for the 2024 Homeschool Idaho Convention ends May 25, 2024! The Children and Teen programs fill quickly, and are not available at the door. Find all the details about the Convention, and get registered today at

The annual North Idaho Conference is held in mid-to-late February in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. This one-day event is packed with a featured keynote speaker, informative workshops, and an exhibit hall. Meet North Idaho homeschool families to connect with all year long!



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