Homeschool Idaho has provided private testing to Idaho families for over 30 years.  While testing is not required of homeschooled children in Idaho, our strong scores make a convincing argument that homeschooling is an academic success without government control. We have been able to use our test scores to protect homeschool freedom, and at the same time protect families’ privacy because no personal information is released to any government entity.  We are excited to announce that we have the opportunity to allow our annual test scores to contribute to a multi-state research study!

How are homeschoolers doing?

We are partnering with NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) and BJU Press Homeschool to conduct a research project that will provide new and helpful information to homeschool families, homeschool support organizations, policymakers, and the general public. Anonymous survey responses and test scores will be gathered and compiled into research reports. This is a multi-state research study and we are excited to join other state organizations in this important effort!NHERI is a trusted and longstanding research group that has served state organizations – like Homeschool Idaho – across the nation, homeschool families, scholars, media outlets, courts, policymakers, and the general public for over 32 years.

How is the data being collected?

NHERI is currently collecting data for analysis and summary through a short, anonymous survey. No student’s or family’s personally identifying information will be released to NHERI. Research reports based on the data may then be presented to outlets such as Homeschool Idaho’s website, legislators, policymakers, the homeschool community, or scholarly journals. This is where you come in!  You can voluntarily complete the anonymous survey at the link below after registering for testing through Homeschool Idaho’s portal, and before you receive test results. The survey only takes 5-10 minutes per student!

BJU Press will create reports provided to NHERI with student score data identified by an assigned student ID number only.  Any such reports will contain student ID numbers but will have no personally identifying information for the students or families. (BJU Press maintains their customer files, including student ID and test scores, as part of their regular operation whether you test with them individually or through Homeschool Idaho’s Portal.)

Participation in this study is optional.

Who may participate in the study?

Only families who complete the anonymous survey, order the Iowa test through Homeschool Idaho’s portal, and include their student’s ID number will be included in the BJU Press reports provided to NHERI. By completing  this survey and providing your student’s ID number from BJU Press, you are agreeing to allow Homeschool Idaho and BJU Press to work with NHERI to create group reports that will be used for blind studies.  Your responses will be kept confidential. Names will not be used in reports or publications of the study.  The survey only takes 5-10 minutes to complete per student.

Does Homeschool Idaho benefit financially?

Homeschool Idaho and NHERI do not receive a financial benefit when families register to test through our Parent Portal. Families will receive a 10% discount on their purchase when they order through our Parent Portal.

We are asking you to willingly participate in this study. You are not required to do so. You may continue to test with Homeschool Idaho and decline to participate in the study.  However, the greater the participation, the more reliable the study results.

Thank you for being willing to join in this critical research to support homeschool freedom for the next generation! Remember, the greater the participation, the more reliable the study results will be!



Steps to Participate

Step 1

Order your students’ tests using Homeschool Idaho’s Parent Portal.

Step 2

Locate your student’s ID number, issued by BJU.  This 10-digit number is available in your confirmation email or in the Parent Portal.

Step 3

Complete the anonymous survey, adding each student’s ID number and answering the questions about each student, BEFORE you receive your test results.