Idaho is one of many states debating ESA legislation, and ESAs have become a nationwide discussion. Here you’ll find links to research, articles, and discussions on ESAs and their impact.


Explore Government-Funded Education vs. Privately Funded Homeschooling, and learn what school vouchers are and how they affect you.

Review this blog post, All That Glitters Is Not Gold, and find out how school vouchers may invite a government program into your living room!

Bookmark the Homeschool Freedom Action Center website for timely articles and resources that address the largest topics at hand related to education, parental rights, and religious freedoms.

Nikki Truesdell writes on Exposing School Choice and Trading Discipleship for a Government-Funded School at Home.

The Illinois Family Institute discusses the economics of ESAs in The Cost of School Vouchers: Sky-High Inflation.

Christian Homeschoolers of West Virginia (CHEW-V) reports that the West Virginia legislature is is attempting to increase regulation of homeschoolers with their ESA bill that was supposedly “safe” for homeschoolers.


Listen to this Refining Rhetoric episode with Robert Bortins and Israel Wayne, Director of Family Renewal Ministries. Should homeschoolers accept taxpayer-funded dollars to help finance their children’s education?

News Articles

 The Idaho Capitol Sun reports that Records Show Powerful, Wealthy Funders outside Idaho Back School Choice Campaign.

The Indiana Business Journal reports on a study from University of Notre Dame. Researchers found that students who switched to private schools using vouchers experienced statistically significant annual losses in math achievement.

Journal Articles

 This article, published in Sage Journals, evaluates school vouchers and found that there was also no evidence to suggest that low-income children or children enrolled in urban schools benefited more from private school enrollment.