Legislative Day
Student Musicians

Student musicians provide a delightful atmosphere that invites our guests to linger and enjoy Legislative Day. If you have a student with a musical gift, we would love to give them an opportunity to perform in the rotunda of the Idaho Statehouse.


February 7, 2024


Students will be assigned 15-minutes of playing time between the hours of 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Thank you for sharing your musical gift!

To perform music at Legislative Day, you’ll first complete the contact form.

The Music Chairman will then provide you with her phone number and ask you to text her a brief video of your child playing a portion of the musical piece they would most like to perform, in lieu of an in-person audition.

Type of Music

Because we are right outside the doors of the legislative chambers where voting and debate are taking place, we must keep our volume low. For this reason, classical pieces are prefered. As you are choosing music, please select only those that would be suitable at a formal reception.


Solos with piano accompaniment are most common; however, ensembles limited to two instruments provide variety.

Homeschool Idaho will provide the piano. You will need to provide your own accompanist. 

Dress Code

Musicians should take this opportunity to dress up as they would for a recital.


We ask each musician to play for a total of 15 minutes. 

Musicians will arrive 45 minutes before their performance time, and stay 30 minutes after their performance to be a host at the music table and answer questions from legislators. 

Important Details


Parking: It can be challenging to find parking near the capitol. The parking meters are closely monitored, and hefty fines are accrued when they expire.

We recommend parking in the public parking garage on 8th and Bannock. The entrance is on Bannock across from the Banner Bank.

Inside the Capitol

Our capitol building is historic. The elevators are small and sluggish! We suggest you use the beautiful marble stairs!

The rotunda of our capitol is surrounded by a low wall with wide openings, overlooking a 4-story open center. Young children must be very well attended for safety’s sake!

The Legislature is in session during Legislative Pie Day. Be aware that sound carries easily because of the open rotunda. 


Meeting Legislators

Our capitol is a formal office environment. Please take advantage of this opportunity to practice etiquette skills like these:

  • Walk, don’t run.
  • Shake hands firmly, though without inflicting pain.
  • Make eye contact when speaking with someone.
  • Speak clearly using adequate volume.
  • Put on your Sunday best.
  • Smile! You will be meeting many potential friends.

Looking to be more involved?

This event is sponsored by Homeschool Idaho,
but we could not do it without the help of families just like yours.
We would love to have you join us this year!

There are five different ways to be participate in Legislative Day:

Bake Pies

Provide Music

Create a Display

Lend Your Teen

Take a Field Trip